Connecting our Children to their Environment

If coastal erosion and the emission of gas and other toxin are allow to continue our children future will be rob. It imperative we make sure that our children and unborn children live in a safe, nurturing and healthy environment.  The Zion Travelers Cooperative Center, Inc Connecting our Children to their Environment Program were to develop so that our children are educated and involve in the Coastal Restoration and Environment movement.

1.     To make youth aware of what are the causes of coastal erosion and environmental pollution.

2.     To educate and train youth of all ages to how Coastal Erosion & Environmental pollution is robbing their future.

3.     To engage Youth in the movement for equity in Coastal Restoration/Hurricane Protection, to help save their environment and become good environmental stewards.


Connecting our Children to their Environment haves done the following:


1.     Staff has use Before the Saltwater Came Curriculum to educate and train our youth on coastal erosion.


2.     ZTCC contracted with Project Rebirth to facilitate an eight session curriculum on Coastal Restoration. Session include Coastal restoration terminology; water quality testing; marsh grass planting that will grow in marsh; learn about the adaptations plants and animals have develop that allow them to survive in the wetlands. Youth maintain planting of marsh grass. Youth participate in. all community /town hall meeting.


 3.     Youths has develop video and photography about Coastal restoration and review video and have review maps of the damaging effect on Coastal Restorationto their wetlands and have discussed the effects on their community.


4.     ZTCC youth developed the first recycling programs on the east bank of Plaquemines. They got the Parish Government to supply them with special garage containers that they painted green.


5.     Youth have conducted monthly clean-up campaign of community, park and playground.