Founder/Executive Director


Rev. Tyronne Edwards is a native of downtown Phoenix, Louisiana on the east bank (best bank) of Plaquemines Parish. He has 45 years of community organizing/human services experiences on local, state, national and international levels.  Rev. Edwards is the husband of Gail Gregory Edwards, a father of four, and the grandfather of four. He is an ordained Baptist minister, facilitator, paralegal, playwright, photojournalist, local historian, and substance abuse specialist. Rev. Edwards is the founder and Executive Director of the Zion Traveler Cooperative Center of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana which was organized in the aftermath of Hurricane. Anchored in the biblical revelation and conviction of “Let Us Arise and Rebuild”, the Cooperative Center was the only relief program available to east bank residents after Hurricane Katrina.  Rev. Edwards successfully written proposals that brought over $600,000 in grant monies and millions of dollars of in-kind donations for rebuilding the southern east bank of Plaquemines Parish ; created an Afforded Housing Program that recruited, trained and coordinated thousands of volunteers from national and international faith-based organization and universities to rehab 40 homes and built 12 new homes;  developed staff, trained and developed women’s leadership,  managed a technology center, youth entrepreneurship project, health/wellness and nutrition programs, successfully motivated youths to organize and develop a community park and playground; brought national attention to Plaquemines recovery work by effectively collaborating and networking with local, state, regional, and national,  organizations and created an open forum for community residents to address their concerns, demands, grievances, and needs to local elective officials. Rev. Edwards has participated on congressional hearing panels and lobbied representatives to support the continuing work of rebuilding Plaquemines Parish and the Gulf Coast. He is a core-trainer with the People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond and for 35 years has facilitated Undoing Racism workshops throughout the United States.  He was active in the Human/Civil Rights movement of the sixties and seventies. Rev. Edwards work on the Steve Wonder’s Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday Committee; a staff member with his son (Saddi) on the historical Million Man March. As Executive Director of the Fishermen & Concerned Citizen Association, he brought national attention to the grassroots social change in Plaquemines Parish. Rev. Tyronne Edwards is proud that he has helped his community to get a sense of their own collective power and self-determination.